Download Microsoft Edge For Windows 64-bit Full Version 2022

100 % Safe & Secure 

100 % Safe & Secure 

Download Microsoft Edge for windows it is your browsing Improved speed, best privacy security, and performance have made Microsoft Edge quite popular among users around the world. Now here FileHen is providing this great software free download link. You can easily download and install this software on your Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 PC. and enjoy your favorite apps…

Microsoft Edge Overview

Microsoft Edge Download For Windows 10, Microsoft Edge Download For Windows 10 Latest 2021/32-bit & 64-bitThe latest version of Microsoft Edge is a great chromium-based fast internet browser. The Microsoft Edge browser 2022 is making great strides, bringing a wide range of feature technology to users around the world. It can be considered as personal browsing that has the ability to prevent tracking, improve speed, privacy, security, secure web browsing including blocking of harmful trackers. It is very popular worldwide like Google Chrome. You can easily use the browser without any hassle.

You will feel so comfortable using this browser that you can create results very quickly for any site search. Internet browsers are built on the same search engine as Chrome, using Chrome extensions based on the open-source Chromium project. It uses any site search chromium extensions. This browsing performance has become quite popular among users worldwide.

Your data privacy protection will shape the development of humanity in terms of requirements. Customizable shortcuts for securely fully configurable search options allow users to quickly gain control over all bookmark management settings. Using it will allow you to create other experiences. The most secure Internet browsing application can be considered as a great choice for Windows PCs.

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Some notable feature services provided by Microsoft Edge:

Personal browsing

To protect your Internet browsing activities, no third party can track URL addresses in search engines. Comes with a personalized browsing service that allows you to browse with confidence at all times.

Webpage loads faster

Whenever you browse any site, your web connection will load faster despite the slow internet connection. It will feel as fast as Chrome. You will notice how fast the search pages are loading.

Fast secure browsing

The latest version of Microsoft Edge 2021 is very fast and secure. It can work so efficiently with 4K streaming that if you look to watch videos or movies on popular streaming websites the program will present you a strong transparent view.

Easy to use

The intuitive user interface is one of the most popular features of the app. This web browser is based on Chromium, it will feel like Google Chrome as each has its own features. Once you open Microsoft Edge you can easily access multiple features. This will make the users feel a comfortable and convenient experience.

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Data protection

You will be able to perform the necessary privacy searches that provide complete control over important customization settings to keep your data safe. This is very strict in terms of data protection for your web browsing. The app gives you complete data protection.

Tracking prevention

This popular internet Edge browser has the ability to resist tracking which makes it even more powerful web browsing. It will block malicious trackers and not want to share data and information with third-party websites. No problem. It will provide complete privacy protection.


In today’s modern world everyone has more or less internet connection, if you open the browser you will see endless feeds of news with pinned website icons. Every 24 hours world trends will be displayed on the web display, which we can customize with a few clicks. And you will be able to know the latest news from all over the world at every moment.

Download the file

Easily downloads any file easily from any side you search. If you encourage the download of any required file from the Internet, it will be automatically downloaded and saved.

Web screen capture

Allows you to easily capture and save any part of the searched web page.


You will be able to go to the program layout page and change the desired theme. Make your browsing more beautiful. You can choose any one of the three layout versions including Focused, Informative and Imperial.

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Older Internet Explorer has made a big improvement that will win the browser security minds of users worldwide. And will focus on browsing everyday life with built-in features. So here you can download and install the installation file from our library for free and start using it.

Other Free Web Browser Mozilla Firefox, Opera, UC Browser, Brave Browser, AVG Secure Browser is the best alternative to the browser. Anyone can also try this.

App technical details
App Titel: Microsoft Edge

Author: Microsoft

Platform: Windows 11,Windows 10,Windows 8,Windows 7

OS: 64bit

Host: author site

License model: Freeware

File Name: MicrosoftEdgeSetup.exe

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