CCleaner Browser For Windows 64-bit 2022 Latest Free Download

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CCleaner Browser For Windows is a fast, Lightweight private and secure browser. Anyone can download the installation file for different platform operating systems directly from the developer site if they want. Otherwise Here FileHen offers the complete free latest version of the CCleaner Browser download link. you can easily download and install this software on your Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, PC.

CCleaner Browser Overview

CCleaner Browser For Windows , CCleaner Browser For Windows Download Latest Version 2021The latest version of CCleaner Browser 2022 is a fast, powerful, secure, personalized web browser for Windows PCs. Guarantees your secure online browsing experience and allows you to browse faster by creating the best results for your searched sites. Provides adequate protection against the pervasive threat of online browsing. It lets you quickly gain a browser experience on par with other popular Chromium-based browsers. CCleaner Browser is based on the world’s most popular Chromium open-source project. You can discover the enhanced functions of the CCleaner browser by using it on your personal computer, as many advanced technologies provide extensive browsing protection.

All-in-one secure browser

It allows you to search for personal and privacy requirements that best protect your data. Tracker, Anti-Tracking, Malware, Anti-Phishing, Anti-Fingerprint, Adblock, Flash Blocker, Password Protection are some of the notable features that come with browsing all the time. CCleaner popular number one piriform Ltd is a notable product for cleaning the PC completely and working with speed on Windows system.

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Some of the notable feature services provided by CCleaner Browser:

Browser up to 4x faster

The search browsing experience of any of your sites will be further enhanced. Your searched side easily loads web pages quickly.

Extend battery life

The browser can extend your laptop’s battery life by up to 20%, which means it uses less laptop RAM when you browse. And you can manage battery performance controls directly from the browser on the settings page.

Safe protected

You can safely search any site that hides your information from online tracking restrictions sites while you are browsing. Prevents your recent browsing activities from being leaked online.

Complete Privacy

Efficiently clears personal file links, history, cache, cookies and other junk during your browsing activity. And with one click, you can quickly clean up valuable computer hard disk space. You can protect your privacy by clearing your browsing activities at all times.

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Browsing on sites that are blocked by phishing online will keep you safe. Website phishing will protect your personal identity from being stolen.


Displaying annoying ads while you are browsing any side may reduce the webpage load or cause faster-browsing problems. You can manually block all ads.


You can bookmark pages in search access to any of your personal and important prospects, so you don’t have to type keywords in the address bar again, you can easily access that site with one click by going to the bookmark.

Flash Blocker

Flash content of any website can be quickly blocked which achieves a wide range towards safe browsing.

Anti Fingerprint Blocker

Block scripts and prevent fingerprints which anti-fingerprint hides your browser privacy to protect your privacy.

Specialized webcam guard

It includes a webcam guard that allows you to instantly control all applications without your permission. Webcam turned on immediately disables webcam access in the event of a malware infection.


Blocks downloads of malicious websites and malicious websites to prevent your computer from being infected with viruses, spyware and spam.


Easily downloads any file quickly from any side of your browsing. And also able to download videos and audio simultaneously from social media platforms and video streaming sites.

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In Conclusion

There are many types of browsers available online from different administrators. CCleaner Browser is an all-in-one secure browser that allows users to browse any site safely and seamlessly. And it guarantees safe browsing. So you can download the installation file from our library to use on your personal computer and start browsing safely with Setup.

App technical details
App Title: CCleaner Browser

Author: Piriform Ltd

Platform: Windows 10,Windows 8.1,Windows 8,Windows 7

OS: 64bit

Host – author site

License model: Freeware

File Name:

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